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The Evil Dragon: Started a new online character to dump money, before finishing the intro missions someone gifted me a billion dollars. Thought it was a hundred million, social club says I have 1.1 Billion. Should have stuck with the 100 million I had left before. Dec 28, 2013 10:45:26 GMT -4
The Evil Dragon: P.S. Deleting a character full of cash dumps money back into your account, it does NOT get rid of it. I know, first world problems. I just don't want my account blocked from online.Maybe I can fill a garage full of modded Adders and ram tank grievers? Dec 28, 2013 10:48:00 GMT -4
The Evil Dragon: I e-mailed Rockstar earlier, waiting for an answer. Dec 28, 2013 10:49:32 GMT -4
bigred19d: Rockstar is going to attempt a purge on modded money... They are not going to take guns, vehicles or housing away. Just gifted money. I used my 2nd character slot and bought an apartment and filled it with non modded adders, that's 6 million in cash. Dec 28, 2013 16:13:16 GMT -4
The Evil Dragon: great minds think alike. I did the same, but got the Obey Tailgater from the first race and actually managed to keep it !!! So I have 9 Adders and a tailgator in a ten car garage on a level 6 character. Dec 28, 2013 19:30:56 GMT -4
bigred19d: O.K. gang we have decided to put together a crew created playlist. Get to creating!!!! We as a crew will vote on submitted creations. Once we have a tight playlist involving most types of vehicles and a few WELL DONE death matches. Jan 10, 2014 12:16:07 GMT -4
bigred19d: This list will be ever evolving and will be updated with improved created races. This is not mandatory at all but it would be nice if we could get as many members involved as possible. Jan 10, 2014 12:18:23 GMT -4
mrharrybergeron: Hey Red, maybe let's start voting next weekend. That'll give people time to explore some TOGS created stuff this weekend and this week. Let's have a official place where people can vote on their favorites. A Google Doc will work fine. Jan 10, 2014 14:36:25 GMT -4
mrharrybergeron: Or, actually, maybe people should just create a playlist called/tagged "favorite togs". Choose from your favorites first, etc. Members can always go back and change it up in-game. Jan 10, 2014 14:38:27 GMT -4
mrharrybergeron: Also, do we have an official 'tag' for crew-made content? Is it #theoldguys, #oldguys, or should we just make it #togs? I know some of you would have to go back through your stuff and add tags, but it'd be easier to let crew know to tag stuff with #togs Jan 10, 2014 14:44:05 GMT -4
angryniceguy: so far #theoldguys is the standard, been using it to tag photos. Also, good idea on this playlist, great way to support each other creations. Jan 11, 2014 12:51:08 GMT -4
canuck613: Was there a recent purge of the membership list? My friend (PrezHotNuts) and I (Canuck613 in game) were no longer in the crew as of yesterday. We both sent requests back to be reinstated, just curious if there was a glitch on the R* end or not. Jan 15, 2014 11:14:04 GMT -4
canuck613: And I'm back. Thanks folks, disregard my previous message. Glad to see we're keeping the 300 spots for active members, thanks to those who are managing the crew day-to-day. Makes it fun for those of us who have less time than they'd like to play! Jan 15, 2014 13:47:39 GMT -4
Bocephusbear: So I'm in a race lobby with a bunch of randos. We choose our cars then get to the screen for betting and choosing our winning action. I start looking around the group and see that Kaiser soze is standing next to me. I of course start yelling "KAISER SOZE! Jan 18, 2014 23:20:39 GMT -4
Bocephusbear: KAISER SOZE!" Then as I'm quoting the bit "and just like that *poof* he's gone" he fucking disappears and no one in the lobby saw it but me. Made my night. Jan 18, 2014 23:22:54 GMT -4
canuck613: Haha, man, I hope that's all this guy does with that username. As soon as he's recognized, poof, logoff. Jan 21, 2014 13:50:55 GMT -4
esoteric: month off, shoutbox Jan 28, 2014 12:38:45 GMT -4
bigred19d: I sent out a message to quite a few of what appear to be inactive players please message me back either here or on our SC page. Jan 30, 2014 18:40:00 GMT -4
bigred19d: This forum is pretty much dead. We are now using reddit as our primary hub for crew information. Join us at Feb 3, 2014 1:13:44 GMT -4
kennysbro: reddit is much easier I suppose. cya all there! Feb 9, 2014 3:01:23 GMT -4
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